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ALternative Michael Coleman, Attorney and Laughter Yoga Teacher


Michael Coleman has been a practicing California licensed attorney since 1987. He has been a certified laughter yoga teacher and the owner and sole-proprietor of Laughing in San Diego since 2007.


Michael was a serious and stressed out attorney when he attended his first laughter yoga class in 2006


Although at first he felt self-conscious laughing for no reason, by the end of the class he felt so relaxed, calm and positive that he decided to become a certified laughter yoga leader to bring more laughter into his own life and to share this simple but powerful exercise program with others.


Michael started his first free community laughter class in February 2007 which continues to meet every Saturday morning in Balboa Park.


It wasn’t long after his first community class that his people from businesses, nonprofits and governmental organizations started asking Michael to bring the benefits of laughter to their employees, customers, clients and volunteers.  Michael welcomed the opportunity to bring the physical, emotional, mental and social benefits of laughter to them and designed custom corporate laughter programs for his clients.  Michael's corporate laughter programs range from icebreakers and stretch breaks at large events to 30 or 60 minutes classes or presentations to half or full-day workshops that incorporate stress reduction, conflict resolution, and team building activities.


In 2007, Dr. Kataria, the founder of Laughter Yoga, certified Michael to train laughter yoga leaders. Michael has trained hundreds of leaders from across the United States and other countries and continues to offer 2-day certified laughte yoga leader trainings on a regular basis.  


Michael is avaiable to travel to anywhere in the country or around the world to train leaders or bring one of his powerful corporate laughter program to companies and organizations.


In 2011, because of the increasing demand for laughter classes to underserved communities, Michael formed Laughter Matters, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving people’s lives through laughter. To date, Laughter Matters has trained 160 leaders and brought 1,200 laughter classes to 200 organizations, and served over 5,000 individuals.


Michael is passionate about the power and benefits of laughter and is happy to share it with you. He conducts all of Laughing in San Diego's leader trainings and corporate laughter programs himself and with the assistance of another one or more experienced certified leaders and teachers when waranted.

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