Here is a sample of the positive comments we consistently receive from the participants of our Corporate Laughter Programs:


I was happy to see the employees allow themselves to play and laugh. You are an outstanding leader because you engage people quickly and get and hold their trust to follow along. You make a positive difference in people's lives and you pleasantly and positively affected our employees.

-Exec. Asst. to V.P. Customer Operations, Sempra Energy Employee Wellness Event (July 2012)


Thank you for showing me that laughter is a great stress reliever!  Excellent relaxation technique.
-Participant, Sharp Hospice Care Staff In-service (September 2011)


The program gave the group a time to connect together and release some tension.

-Participant, Genzyme Pharmaceutical National Team Meeting (September 2012)


The rest of the day was much more enjoyable and our secretary now ends emails with 'hahaha' which makes me laugh!

-Inservice Organizer, Mercy Hospital Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists (August 2014)


The participants really liked it and had a good time. It brought the whole group together. I found myself laughing and talking to people I had never even met and it built a new bond/relationship.

-Care Coordinator, Fred Finch Youth Center (February 2013)


Thank you so much for coming to our office last week.  Your presence was a definite positive!  I have already used some of the laughter techniques.

-Occupational Health Nurse, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(October 2013)


Ha, Ha, Ha ... so simple, so important. Thanks for helping me laugh, get a good stretch and for the wonderful tips on working with difficult situations ... laugh with them!

-Senior Staff Member, Episcopal Community Services Employee Professional Growth Day (October 2014)


Thank you for showing me that laughter is a great stress reliever! Excellent relaxation technique.

-Participant, "Sharp HospiceCare Staff In-service (September 2011)


Awesome! Everyone should take a laughter workshop; the world would be a better place. I've already put some of the concepts into practice.

-Participant, Scripps 32nd Annual Oncology Nurses Symposium (October 2012)


Great tool! Calming and yet strangely energizing. Feel so much better! Best in-service ever!

-Participant, "Sharp HospiceCare Staff In-service (September 2011)


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